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Residential Roofing


Residential Roofing

Concerned about hail or wind damage, missing shingles, or an aging roof? TRiO Construction offers a free inspection and roof report, ensuring your peace of mind. Whether it’s a small backyard shed or a grand lakefront chalet, TRiO Construction is your go-to local expert for full residential roof replacements and repairs.

Don't wait until minor issues escalate, our unbeatable residential roofing repair services in Lawrenceville, Georgia, guarantee quality, affordability, and convenience. Trust TRiO Construction to restore your roof’s beauty and strength efficiently. Contact us for a brand-new roof or essential repairs and join our community of satisfied homeowners.

What is your installation process?

Our crew will arrive at your home on the day of installation. They will tarp off all the bushes and plants to ensure they are not damaged. All existing shingles and roofing materials will be removed including the felt to expose the wood decking. Once everything is removed, the decking will be thoroughly inspected for any rotting. All rotted decking will be replaced. The next step is to lay down the felt underlayment over the entire roof surface. Proper flashing is installed accordingly, and finally shingles begin being installed.

Additionally, if Ridge Vent is being installed for the first time, the ridge will be cut to the correct specification and the ridge vent system will be installed with matching ridge cap to the shingle color selected. The last step is to caulk all roof penetrations and perform a final inspection to ensure all work has been completed. We complete the job with a thorough cleaning of the premises.

Typically, the day following your installation your Sales Representative will meet with you to do walk around inspection with you to answer any questions and to ensure your roof replacement was completed to your satisfaction. Also, we will confirm everything has been cleaned up properly. In most cases, we will finish a house in 1 day, but please block off 2 days to allow us the opportunity to complete a proper installation of your new roof.

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Remove all fragile items including but not limited to the following: light fixtures, mirrors, pictures, figurines and any other fragile items from walls, ceiling and shelves. These items can fall if not firmly attached. We suggest you check to make sure that they are securely attached. If in doubt, take them down. Small cracks or crow’s feet may appear in older plaster and sometimes small particles of the acoustical will fall. TRiO Roofing & Construction cannot be held liable for these items as a result of re-roofing. 

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Remove All Important items from around the perimeter of the house that could be hit by falling roofing debris, such as cars, boats, furniture, barbecues, plants, sculptures, etc. TRiO Roofing & Construction cannot assume responsibility if these items are damaged.

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Please be prepared for significant and continuous Noise! There will be constant hammering on your roof for up to 2 days, depending upon the size of your roof. You may wish to plan time away from your home on these days.

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Please park your cars on the street for the period of time between delivery of materials and completion of your roof. Our vendors must deliver your shingles using large trucks, and TRiO Roofing & Construction must use our large work trucks during this time.

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Please keep children and pets away from the work area until our crews are finished cleaning-up after your roof installation is fully completed!

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Be prepared for a messy attic. Please cover everything in your attic, especially under the ridge line, with a plastic sheet or old blankets, etc. We can cover your valuables for a small fee of $150. TRiO Roofing & Construction cannot be held responsible for damaged to items left in the attic as a result of re-roofing.

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Be prepared, you may lose service during your roof installation if you have satellite TV. We must remove and replace the satellite dish during the installation of your new roof. We have a signal finder to make sure we put your dish back in its proper position. On the rare occasion we unable to locate the signal, we will cover the cost of the service call to your satellite provider to reestablish the signal.

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Cleaning will be done by our crews during and after your roof installation. We utilize the most up to date cleaning equipment, such as rolling magnets, pin magnets and metal detectors in our best effort to keep you safe. Nonetheless, please be advised some stubborn nails may remain hidden in brush and grass around the house after our final cleanup process is complete.

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Driveway Reminders. Your driveway is where our vendors must deliver materials for your new roof. From time to time, there may be tire marks on your driveway from the forklift used during delivery. Most of the time a quick spray from a garden hose or a light rain will wash away the tire marks. On extremely rare occasions, a driveway may crack under the weight of materials and work trucks. Please be advised, TRiO Roofing & Construction cannot be held responsible for these damages to your driveway as a result of your re-roofing project.
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Extra Material. TRiO Roofing & Construction will send slightly more material than is noted on your contract or scope of work. Our goal is to ensure we can complete your project in a timely manner. Any material left at the end of the project is property of TRiO Roofing & Construction and will be picked up within (3) business days after your installation is completed.

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My roof installation is scheduled for a certain calendar date, but what if it rains a few days before my scheduled installation?

If there is inclement weather leading up to your roof installation, our entire install schedule will move accordingly. Ultimately, you will remain in the original order, your installation schedule will only move based on the lost number of production days caused by the inclement weather.


TRiO installed my new roof last week and it appears to be very wavy?

It takes time for the adhesive strips on the underside of the shingles to adhere permanently, ultimately allowing the shingles to lay flat. This takes several weeks in the summer with the 90-degree heat, but in the winter it can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks due to it being significantly cooler.

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TRiO Construction is proud to offer residential and commercial roofing services to the following areas of North & Northeast Georgia: Athens, Auburn, Ball Ground, Bethlehem, Big Canoe, Bishop, Blairsville, Blue Ridge, Bogart, Braselton, Buford, Cherry Log, Conyers, Covington, Cumming, Dacula, Ellijay, Epworth, Free Home, Grayson, Hamilton Mill, Jasper, Lawrenceville, Lilburn, Loganville, Mineral Bluff, Milton, Monroe, Norcross, North Alpharetta, North Marietta, North Roswell, Sugar Hill, Snellville, Suwanee, Statham, Waleska, West Cumming & surrounding areas.