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Commercial Roofing

Leading the Way in Georgia's
Commercial Roofing Solutions

TRiO Construction is proud to extend our specialized commercial roofing services across North and Central Georgia. Catering to a diverse portfolio, including not only churches, restaurants, and shopping centers but also specializing in extensive commercial properties such as flat top TPO commercial buildings and large asphalt complexes like apartment communities. Leveraging our expertise in both low slope and traditional sloped roofing, we're your all-in-one solution.

Our seasoned experience shines in projects involving new roof installations on townhomes and expansive apartment complexes, where precision and attention to detail are paramount. These high-stake projects, often running into hundreds of thousands of dollars, may qualify for insurance funding due to storm-induced damages, particularly from hail and wind.

Commercial roofing, with its unique challenges like handling horizontal panes and larger surface areas, demands the specialized skills our team brings to the table. Residential roofers, despite being qualified, often lack the necessary experience for commercial projects.

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